Thursday, June 27, 2013

Garrosh's Death Revisted

So it was some time ago  I did a post around when Garrosh was first announced as going to be the final boss of the expansion. If you never read it the post you can catch up by clicking this.The Seige of Orgrimmar

Anyways, at the time I was slightly pissed off in the way they were killing off Garrosh. How they developed his character so much and liked or hated the guy you had to realize the time and effort, which went into it. Also I just wasn't a fan of him just being corrupted and done with it. It had been done before Deathwing was the prime example of it, and it all just agrivated me even more. So much so WoW Insider featured me with this post Does Garrosh Hellscream Deserve to Die?

Now time has passed and I have had a little time to think about this whole thing and I believe I may have changed my mind after looking deep within everything. I give you my thoughts

When Garrosh Hellscream was first introduced he was an orc without any purpose, plagued by the sins of his father made. Fear, doubt, anger, hatred, violence, and despair were all bottled up into the young Orc's head. This was all he since he was a child. What he lived with every single day. That was until hope came along and liberated Garrosh from all of this negativity. Now filled with pride, he did not just want to make his father proud. No, that would not be good enough. He also wanted to prove to the Horde itself he too could live up to the name "Hellscream".

As we went into Northrend for the campaign against the Lich King, Garrosh achieved skills of leadership along with the ability needed to inspire his troops. Thrall, thinking Garrosh now had enough experience, and the obvious fact he was a Hellscream, gave the Warchief mantel to an Orc who was still compliant.

In Cataclysm Garrosh truly started to achieve the characteristics of a true leader. I went into these in detail in my previous post but as a quick summary. In Stonetalon Mountains he learned the lesson of mercy, and in the Twilight Highlands he learnt how to properly negotiate.

Within the books after the Cataclysm, Garrosh was being barraged with idea after idea after idea. Not just that, but ever since he was first introduced it's been fairly obvious that doubt has been his largest issue. Even at his highest moment when Thrall was giving him the mantel of Warchief this came through.

Garrosh always has doubts he will ever live up to the name Hellscream name and because of that his Pride shadows over it. Going into Mists, Garrosh has literally been thrown into the maw of madness. His own negative emotions are the very thing which drove him down the path he is on.

I think Blizzard cleverly had the Sha's embodiment be Doubt, Fear, etc. because these are all the exact emotions which have been in Garrosh ever since we first met him when we stepped into Nagrand. So I have now changed my mind since looking back the seeds for his descent were planted when he was first introduced.


  1. Still don't like his death but I have accepted it.

  2. What you say makes sense but it happened so fast still kind of bugs me

  3. when you explain it like that makes me wonder if Blizzard did it on purpose. I am still not a fan of corruption but I get it.

  4. well thought out I miss these