Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Those Things Gamers Say

Today is all about knowing where things cam from. Well not everything just a few gamer sayings you have heard all the time.

Pwned: There are many versions of where this word came from. Some believe it was originally a Quake player some say a Starcraft player who misspelled the word "owned" since the p and the o are close on the standard keyboard. The person shrugged it off and made it seem like the typo was intentional. From there the word has been used in all games as a term to refer to total domination of another player or team ever since.

GG: The orgin of this can trace back to even before the original Starcraft where it has always been important to have good manners saying "gg" or "good game" after you have lost. Where it came from though is to believed to be Counter Strike and is the reason it is shortened. In counterstike the shortcut for dropping your weapons was g and to drop bother your weapons required you to "gg". Doing so would cause you to surrender. This was later adapted into the gg we know now as good game or the common phrase "gg no re" good game no rematch.

Nerf: This is used in all sorts of RPGS ARPGS, and MMOs where it is used to explained how a skill ability or technique won't be as useful as it once was. Where did this come from as there seems no connection? Well it actually comes from the children toys brand NERF which makes toys less harmful for kids because of what they are made out of.

Noob: This comes from newbie. Where newbie means someone who is new to something and therefore is still learning the ropes per say. Noob is used to describe someone who plays like they are new when they are not. Meaning they are horrible and really have no excuse to be as bad as they are. Or like I say "Special kind of stupid".

Leet: This is actually one of the most interesting cases. As most know this is derived from the word elite. What others may not know is it also refers to the word written in leetspeak which is why it is commonly written as l33t. Now where did leetspeak come from? Well it is believe that leetspeak was developed on the old BBS as a way of communicating about topics which were forbidden ie hacking and cracking. This was a way for people to converse with each other and able to get through the filters without the moderators knowing exactly what was going on.

So there you go. A little history and information on gamer lingo. Hope you enjoyed!

Or in other words

$0 tH3R3 Y0u Go. @ lI77l3 hi$70rY @nD iNf0rma7i0N 0N Gam3R LiNG0. h0p3 y0u 3Nj0y3D!


  1. It actually is rather interesting where all of these things come from. Makes you always wonder when you hear some random idiot say something

  2. now the real question is why are Starcraft players so mannered as compared to other games?

    1. Because the 12 year old idiots don't have the ability to play a complex game. They play LoL instead