Saturday, June 29, 2013

Intoduction To: Safiree Saturdays Gauss & My Adventures

Gauss & Safiree - Mostly Epic Adventures
Safiree Saturday

 Saturday is in full effect! Weekly I'll be posting recent activity on us the humorous flip side of what we do daily. Also giving readers a much needed insight on female gaming and its wonderful light most people find skeptical, or even non existent. People who know me know that I am a funny and inventive gamer. Otherwise known as a joke. lol jk. I have my fair share of trolling/being trolled like anyone else, but with it keeping an endearing spirit with those I play with and against. 

I should really start with Gauss. Before meeting him, I was as casual a gamer as they come. Played World of warcraft for a few years light raiding, and of course console gaming. Within the few years I've known him he has taught me a new way of appreciating scenery, LORE, and other amazing things in game content. Things I've never given any time to. Like actually learning how to gem and socket my RET/PROT pally, without feeling like an idiot. JK he always makes the most of my stupidity. We started phasing out of WOW due to the lack of happiness we had with it and he taught me Starcraft 2 Wings of Liberty. Never played an RTS before, and of course I chose Zerg as the race to learn first. Didn't even play the campaign until a few weeks before HOTS. We both have extreme competition interlocked within our ego's so of course most nights we play 1v1 against each other fueling rage, but when we played 2v2, 3v3, or 4v4 there were always guys out there who couldn't believe they were playing against or with a girl. Almost like women didn't even exist. But we use it to our advantage most of the time. I keep them distracted in chat, asking them about their match histories and then we faceroll to victory. Even worker rush them a time or two and won. Starcraft aside, Diablo 3 came around and I hadn't played the diablo games. Gauss explained the LORE to me quite a bit and it interested me enough to experience error 37. Lets just say I'm pretty sure nobody else plays like us... We make hardcore characters get them to 50+ and try to kill each other with tree's, or even bulls. Ask Gauss what "Serenity" means. LOL. Simcity we build regions and compete against people all over the world to get the most wealth, population, even pollution. We name our cities after our favorite game villains, and heroes. 

Most recently we've been doing Simcity, League of Legends, and The last of Us. I ask without spoiling the game, but in the last of us do you guys and gals think there will be a second one? And what do you enjoy most from Naughty Dogs games? Mark this as my intro!! If you want we can have fangirl-gasms of Doctor Who, Sherlock, Game of Thrones, even Toy Send feedback good or back, menstruating or not I can handle it.


  1. Good read looking forward to more

  2. so every Saturday or any day?

  3. Where is the picture taken?

    1. Bridge to Lakeshire in Redridge mountains. Alliance territory

  4. Even if it is not Gauss. I am sure your posts will be entertaining and ones I will look forward to. See you next Saturday I guess