Wednesday, June 12, 2013

PS4 Reveal

So before anyone asks about it 0. No I am not going to be doing an Xbox reveal. I could say all sorts of bad things about the new Xbox and frankly you probably might even enjoy me going off on a random tangent about how awful so many of the "amazing" features it has are. When it comes down to it I am not 12  year old Call of Duty brat that is talking crap about your mother because I feel like the most amazing person in the world because I have a headset. Yes, headsets are that awesome it's the truth look it up. Also I could careless about the people writing comments "blah blah playstation has call of duty too Noob, U mad bro??????" So now that I got that crap out of the way.

So PS4. You seen what it looks like? No well why not? Here it is.

Looks like a PS2 that went on diet. That is not a bad thing either, I loved the look of the PS2. Even after I paid for it and it had no games for months. The thing had a DVD player! The hardware in the PS4 though is pretty impressive along with some of new features they are adding. I of course will be overpaying for this the day it comes out. But will I? $450 and $399 for holidays when this thing comes out. That was something I wasn't expecting at all. I paid $1200 for my day 1 PS3 seems technology comes cheaper these days. I am actually looking quite forward to see what kind of games the new generation will produce on this.

If you are interested in more of the specifics can get that by clicking  ON ME. If you are on the fence on getting a console or you for some reason have an Xbox. Check it out I think you will be pleasantly surprised. If you  are one of those clueless people who electronics just know "PS4 Good" and you get the gist of it. Tell me what all of you think of the PS4 or maybe you looking forward to a specific game. Just don't make it a Playstation vs Xbox war not really interested in that crap mostly because we all know Xbox is crap.


  1. I like everything I have heard form it. Even heard that WoW will be able to be played on the PS4 that could have just been a rumor though.

  2. did you see the ffxv trailer and gameplay I think there is your seeing what ps4 can do example

  3. I think PS4 has done everything right. Just hoping the games are not 6 month copies of each other.