Wednesday, August 26, 2015

I Really Shot The Hell Out Of That Guy, Huh?

Wednesday! Yes your week is right in the middle of it again. Which means if you are not sure by now it is time for a list. Now when thinking about what I was going to do for my list this week I thought about what time of year it was. That being getting close to school starting itself up again. So what about if I went with my favourite teenage characters. Originally I thought this list was going to have not that much of a good selection, but with more thought it was the exact opposite. So tough choices aside here is the list.

5. Squall - Final Fantasy VII

The guy who didn't need anyone, well at least so it seemed. Many argue is the foundation for the best cinematic story of all the Final Fantasy games. Game just wouldn't be the same without this character.

4. Sora - Kingdom Hearts

So for a game that when I first played I assumed it was going to be a joke turned out to be tons of fun. Also a game I love replaying again and again because of Sora and his journey.

3. Little Mac - Punch Out

Who doesn't love Little Mac? A story which is all about the underdog making his way up it just is impossible not to cheer for this guy to be the champ.

2. Jimmy Hopkins - Bully

Everyone who knows video games looks highly on the game Bully. It doesn't have all the cheese of the GTA games, which takes away from the actual story trying to be told. Jimmy Hopkins isn't only one of the best Teen characters out there is one of the best in general.

1. Ellie - The Last of Us

For one of the greatest games of all time you have to have one of the greatest characters of all time. Elle isn't just some secondary fodder to Joel is the important piece to the story which keeps Joel focused on maintaining what is left of his humanity. Joel is a really amazing character, but without Elle there he wouldn't be so.

There it is this week's List. Agree of disagree as always let me know what you think. Happy arguing!


  1. I actually think you got this list just right

  2. Your title gave #1 away too fast you are normally better than that!