Friday, August 21, 2015

The Forsaken and The Light

So here we are at the end of the week wondering if you are the lucky one who gets chosen for this week's Reader Post. If you are Jaspias then you are the lucky one. He goes into how other races religions have interpreted the Light into their own religion to help them become Priests and Paladins. It is a good read and really made me sit back and think. So now it is your turn.

The Forsaken have a pretty shaky relationship with the Light, the only real excuse for Forsaken priests lore-wise is the Cult of Forgotten Shadow. Holy and Discipline are only in the games for balance reasons, with the explanation being "the Light horribly hurts them, but some Forsaken tough it out." But recently I've been thinking; The Church of the Holy Light, (which is what non-shadow Forsaken priests would believe in) views undead as abominations against the Light. It doesn't make much sense, one with strong enough belief in the Light to be a priest would also hate would they become, Just look at Lillian Voss. She was a Scarlet Crusader, it doesn't get much more devote than that, and her response would be typical in Priests. 

So this got me thinking again; the most diverse classes among the races of Azeroth are the Priests and Paladins, especially so on the Horde side. Every race has its own belief, the Tauren worship the sun, the Blood Elves have the Blood Knights, trolls worship the Loa, night elves revere Elune, and so on. This brings us to Legion, where Sylvanas and her Valkyr will play a big part. So...could the Forsaken adopt the Vrykul Religion? Not all of them, of course, but just priests (and maybe paladins some day), adding yet another flavor to the priest punch. The Halls of Valor could be the answer to Sylvanas' death paranoia as well, and give the Forsaken something to fight for, now that the Lich King (the one that they hated anyway,) is gone. What do you think? Would it be a good fit, or do you like the current Forsaken theme of doom, gloom, and plague?

I think such a thing is possible your normal everyday Forsaken, but not Sylvanas herself. You have some examples of Forsaken like Leonid Bartholomew that views undeath as just an affliction of sorts,. He doesn't define himself by his own undeath but rather seeks a spriritual or magical cure for it across Azeroth and beyond. Sylvanas is damned in the most profound manner possible, as damned as the Lich King was for his actions in life. I don't think the Light has anything which could restore her essential "humanity" to her, and even if it did I highly doubt she'd accept it or even recognize it for what it was. But that is just me, what do you all think? Good food for thought for the weekend

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