Saturday, August 31, 2013

The Flame of the Game

Safiree & Gauss
Mostly epic Saturdays

 Hey everyone! Hope your week was awesome, got plans for labor day weekend? I sure don't! lol. Things have been so stuck on the same kind of gaming lately. Gauss and I play Starcraft, and  even Sim City just to have some variety. Sure there are other games out there but none really interest me. Someone actually asked me about the "gaming scene" and what was going on with that.

 Honestly, since World of Warcraft, I swore i'd never pick up on another MMO, just raided so much that it felt like a second job. Come home from work and raid for hours. Wipe constantly because some people don't like to listen- so forth. though the rewards of being successful were priceless to me I just grew tired. We all did. After i'd say a year, Gauss and I picked up rift, and we've been pretty happy. But like any other game, sometimes you hit that wall. The wall of "meh I don't feel like it". So this week, i'm gonna tell you what Gauss and I do to keep the flame in the game ;)

 Competition, is literally what him and I live for in gaming. We turn absolutely everything into some form of an objective. Yes, sometimes I cheat and start things before him, or turn things in first, and move on to the next thing on our list...but it doesn't always work lol. He'll Braveheart his way to victory. NOT always though. I'd say I win like 96% of the time.

 When leveling anything, characters, professions, PVP stuff you name it he always has to be finished first. He will do whatever it takes to be first. He denies it.. But it's true. I'll be sleeping, and he is online grinding. When he loses he will argue, saying "Oh it was the wind in the game or something, something stopped me from winning but it wasn't my fault so it doesn't count". Always love those.

 Gauss and I do alot with other people. Help level them, get gear, do dungeons etc. and we still find ways to outdo one another. Hehe it's harmless fun, making him second in everything. :D Even with dimensions he has to have more +1's than me. Always showing off his pride and joy to others like I don't notice he fishes for more and more people to admire his work lol. I still wouldn't pick anyone else to spend my days with gaming. Never a dull moment. We've even acquired other people to enjoy our company daily. 

 Side Note!! I've gotten quite a few emails from people. Thanks for the support, and I will gladly help share your stories :) Also I know the picture I chose has nothing to do with gaming. But it still wins, and that's all that matters. :)
Next weekend will be fun! -Have a great weekend.


  1. No matter the game it always gets repetitive but it is the small things you do with those who play with which make those memorable moments. It is why I enjoy raiding in mmos gives that I am awesome moments and we are so amazing. So I can appreciate your games within the game

  2. Do you have a turtle?

  3. You may win 96% of the time when you cheat...