Thursday, August 15, 2013

What's In A Name?

So what's in a name? When we are sitting there in front of the keyboard trying to decide on what to name ourselves seems like a simple task. For a true gamer though it isn't. A true gamer has a story behind their name. No matter how weird, complex, or completely idiotic that story is, it still exists. What some do not realize is it is a name that sticks with you. Your gaming persona if you would. My name is Danny sure and sure most if not all those I game with know it to be Danny, but they also know I am Gauss. No matter what I will always be Gauss to them, and to all of you reading this. It is a name I didn't choose lightly either.

I wanted  to pick a name which had qualities I could strive to be as a gamer. Gauss was the greatest mathematician who ever lived(quiet all you Euler people). So when I made the decision to be Gauss as my screen name I wanted to be that type of gamer. The best, the one who never declined a challenge and one who was just that fucking awesome.

Others may not have such a story as myself, but they will have a story. It could be anything, but there is something. True gamers do not name themselves pwnslayer69, or noobstalker. Those gamers didn't realize the choice they were making when they typed that in. You become your name and you embrace it. It is something of pride for any gamer when someone they don't know knows their name. It means they did something others noticed. Even Bagellord can have pride in the fact that countless people know who he is.

So if you are just starting out or know someone who is. Stop them from making dumb decisions. Don't be steve or dave or slayerofnoobs. Be something and make it your own and own it. One does not simply change their gaming name. You want it to be that trademark the one that guy/girl whose day you ruined when you killed them 10 times in a row or that person who helped them through such and such.

This message has been a public service message and has been brought to you by Gauss, because I can, well maybe I can or maybe I just got angry at seeing people with stupid names. 

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