Sunday, August 25, 2013

Ask Gauss

Sunday! Wow that weekend went by pretty fast didn't it? Always seems when you are busy doing something it flys by. Not to mention the fact that we are now in the last week of August, where did the summer go? It is Sunday though, so what does that mean? Well read the title like you should have already. It is Ask Gauss! The post of the week where I answer some of the questions sent to me throughout the week. So without wasting anymore of your time let's get to it.

So the SimCity road update happened what is your opinion of it all?

Actually I haven't had the chance yet to log on and really mess with it. I will say though from what I have seen the way of doing it is pretty sleek and nice. Would have been nice though to apply it to current cities without having to build new roads. I understand from a programming point why this is not the case, but still makes me a sad panda.

One thing worth mentioning though is the Houses of Worship being a free addon. Now this is something completely unexpected. Not only did I know nothing about them being added for this update, but they were a free addon. This is EA we are talking about. The people that would charge you for anything they possibly could just could. Remember that 3rd jersey crap in NHL a few years ago?

Overall the update looks great and appears this solves some of the traffic issues once you get used to using the tools. I still am hoping for a subway system and larger maps eventually. I know they will come just hope it is not in the too distant future.

WCS Season 2 Finals this weekend any predictions?

I am not sure I should as my predictions always seem to be somewhat of a curse. I would love to see Scarlett do well for the Canadian factor, but I actually don't think she could win. Her ZvT is extremely good, but her ZvP is weak and there are many good Protoss should would have to go through.

I am actually hoping for Jaedong because I remember him kicking ass in Broodwar when I was younger and want him so bad to make a splash in SC2. So I am hoping I did not curse him.

So Affleck is Batman eh?

I know this has nothing to do with gaming but ya this happened.

There you go questions answered for the week. Hope you all got something out of it. Enjoy what is left of your weekend and your month of August!


  1. I think people should give affleck a chance. Daredevil is a shitty superhero of course it was going to be a shitty movie

  2. You cursed Jaedong he just got 4-0 in the finals second once again for the tyrant