Monday, August 12, 2013

The Burdens of Shaohao

Monday yes it is that day once again. I am not going to talk about why Mondays suck because  I tend to do that a lot. What I am going to remind you of is that Monday does mean it is Machinima Monday the post of the week where I showcase a Machinima or Animation for all of you to see because I think it is something worth watching. Well this week I decided to go with Blizzard's own Animation series the Burdens of Shaohao. It is the story of the last Pandren emperor. How Pandaria became what it was, and why Shaohao was indeed the last emperor. This series is amazing in every way possible you describe and it. Worth every minute you watch. I though will just get you started with the prelude. so here it is.

Hope you enjoyed and be sure to check out the entire series it is certainly worth it.


  1. Must say I love this series and it is worth watching. It really gets you more involved with the pandaria story.

  2. Those were pretty amazing. Blizzard has so many talented people working for them it is unreal