Sunday, August 11, 2013

Ask Gauss

Sunday! If you were not aware of it that is the day that today would be. Unless you live on the other side of the world and if you do well you are pretty used to people not knowing what day it is there. So I know it is not Sunday there, but obviously I don't care. Sunday though means it is time for Ask Gauss, the post of the week where I answer a few of the questions I received during the week and answer them right here on the blog. If you are unsure how to send in your questions well look to the heavens and by the heavens I mean the top right of this page where there is quite a few different ways to find me and get in touch. So pick one!

So what are your thoughts of SC2 currently not on the docket for the next MLG?

This is actually an interesting turn of events. I think it is hilarious all the uninformed people going on and on that this means Starcraft is dying as an ESport. MLG basically shit the bed on this one and didn't get the licence from Blizzard for the event. In doing so Blizzard sold the licence to another party some believe this to be Redbull. This is not confirmed and is just a rumor, but that is what is floating around. Now the real question would be why did Blizzard sell the licence to another party? Now Starcraft is far and away the best viewer Esport at MLG and basically at any other event it just is a much better for spectators then LoL, CoD, or Halo will ever be. So how will this effect MLG numbers and their premium passes? If I had a premium pass for the year I tell you I would be very upset there may not be any SC2 at the Fall event.

Why is Gauss your namesake?

This is pretty simple. Gauss was the best at what he did. Greatest Mathematician who ever lived in my opinion. He was able to accomplish many things others thought were impossible and he wasn't shy about letting others know he knew his shit. One of my favourite Gauss stories happen when his wife was on her death bed. The doctor came in and said "Your wife is dying you should come" he replied with "Could you tell her to wait I am almost done." Yes that happened. Always focused on the task and hand and always trying to achieve the best in whatever he did. So truly is there any better namesake?

Wireless or wired mouse?

Is this a real question. Did you ever lose a hardcore character because your wired mouse batteries died?

There you have it questions answered for the week. Hope you got something useful out of them. Enjoy what is left of your weekend


  1. Well chosen namesake indeed I would say. Never seen someone who strives to be better at everything they play and does so at a pretty high level.

  2. If you are gaming with a wireless mouse you will pay one time or another for the convenience of it.