Saturday, August 10, 2013

Frequently Asked, Are you kidding me?

Safiree & Gauss
Mostly semi-eventful Saturdays

 Hello everyone! Happy Saturday :D Hope your week wasn't too bad. Mine was actually pretty awesome. Met some new people to join my guild, touched base with some of my older friends, and somehow at the age of 22 hurt my hip. Haha. Good news is NFL pre-seasons started up. Anyone else excited :D? Found some really awesome videos I think are definitely worth watching i'll post down below!

Anyways, this week I wanted to make a post about the delicate questions most male players love asking females in game. Sharing some of the frequently asked questions I will someday figure out why were asked in the first place. Sometimes I wish people could see me facepalm. Just so maybe they understand the SHEER VOLUME OF THEIR STUPIDITY! :D

Most frequent, to How the F*** did we get here.
  •  Why aren't you in the kitchen?
  •  Are you fat?
  •  Are you Gay?
  •  Can you make me a sammich?
  •  Are you hot?
  •  How big are your titties? -btw I hate the word titties lol
  •  Why aren't you on your mat in the kitchen?
  •  You got a boyfriend?
  •  Marry me?

 Needless to say, I have no idea why i'm not in the kitchen, if I were though yes I can make a hell of a sandwich but I don't like mayonnaise so if I were to make you a sammich you probably wouldn't like it too much. Sometimes yes i'm on my period, class mechanics of being a female human :D No I'm not gay, though tequila temporarily changes that at times. I won't tell you my tittie size because if I asked you the size of your structured anatomy i'm pretty sure you wouldn't be honest and I can't trust you to be. 

 Am I fat? How about this. Asking a woman this will ensure your virginity young one. No idea why I have a special mat in the kitchen how about next time you tell me when you buy me presents? Hell yes I have a boyfriend, greatest gamer I know :) Yes webcams can be useful, why not ask out echo test service on skype? ;) Sure i'll marry you. In RIFT. Then we will divorce and you can move on with your life with an elf or something. Hope others can relate to this madness. Have you ever been asked a crazy question in game? SHARING IS CARING :D  Also last weeks request for adventures has been scheduled for next week, Gauss' fault. lololol Enjoy your Saturdays guys!! 


  1. Although that video had nothing to do with gaming it was funny as hell so thanks.