Wednesday, August 7, 2013

The Music of Music

So here we are once again middle of the week and what has became the day of lists. As I said last week I decided to embrace this concept as I always have a favourite or opinion of about just anything. Safiree will even tell you sometimes my opinions might be be more evident than at other times, but hey not such a bad thing in my opinion. So what is this week about? Well I play a lot of games and have played a lot of games. You have played a lot of games as well, but we all know there are those theme music which is recognizable. Sometimes you didn't even know it was from a game. Some compositions are preformed around the world by choirs, orchestras, and whatever else you could possibly think of. So here goes with my top 5 most recognizable music themes.

5.Super Mario Bros

I don't think there is many people in the world who don't recognize this theme. Sure it sounds like an 8-bit beat-box, but that is classic. The only reason this is not higher is because it doesn't have the distinct of being preform by non gamers or scene as anything but a theme to one of the most recognizable games of all time.

4. Among Thieves

Among Thieves has been preformed or used in a series of gaming conventions. It is used in countless credits and videos on youtube. It is one of those themes you had no idea it was from Uncharted 2 unless you actually played the game. That to me is what puts it on the list.

3. Arthas, My Son

Arthas may be the most well known badass ever to grace a video game. He is a recognizable icon and that in its own right might have put this theme on the list. What brings it up the list you ask? It has been preformed by many well known Orchestras and has was only one of 2 musical themes from video games to be considered for the Legendary Music Collection, which has always been dominated by movies.

2. Baba Yetu

Most people have no idea Baba Yetu is from a video game. It is from Civilizations IV. It has been used in the discovery channels yearly review for years. It has been sung by a countless amount of choirs around the globe, and at one time was sung across 6 different countries simultaneously. I can say myself I actually used to load the game and leave on the Intro screen so this music would play. Truly there is only one which could beat this.

1. One Winged Angel 

Maybe on of the most recognizable themes across games, movies, television shows. Absolutely anything. One Winged Angel has been preformed by countless orchestras around the world. In fact there actually was a competition at one time which orchestra could preform it the best. There are countless videos on youtube of people doing there own renditions using their own instruments. This is the only other musical score besides Arthas, My Son to be placed in Legendary Music Collection to represent gaming. One Winged Angel is simply put is everything the list was supposed to be so how could it not be number 1.

There you have it. As always let me know what you all think. Do you think I missed one which should have made the list? If so comment, email me let me know and why.


  1. Even though I wouldnt agree with you most the time for just putting a final fantasy at #1. I don't think there is anyone would comes even close to One Wing Angel. Otherwise your list is pretty good, but I am not even sure Mario even belongs on this list, which is saying something.

  2. I know you love Final Fantasy and all and I know One Winged Angel is known by everyone, but we are talking about a song which was sung across countries as one. It is something special and I think you may have done a disservice by making it number 2.

  3. Great picks although I would swap One Winged Angel and Baba Yetu and Arthas my Sone and Among Thieves. Also I agree with Socks and regardless of everyone knowing Mario bros it doesn't belong on this list with the other 4. I am sure there is plenty of others which could have made the list instead

  4. Baba Yetu has became a song used at peace rallies everywhere while I agree One Wing Angel may have the gaming context and everyone probably knows where it came from. Ba Yetu is probably more well know they even some everyday pop songs and that really is something which shouldn't be discounted.