Tuesday, August 27, 2013

You Fail At Achievements If...

So here we are another Tuesday so comes another Fail Day. Oh yes I know you have been waiting for it. How could you not? Everyone always enjoys poking fun at the failures of others it is what we do. So this week I thought we would poke fun at those who fail at achieving something. I know weird eh? So here it goes!

You Fail At Achievements If...
  • At any time you consider anything to do with Halo worthy of the word achievement.
  • You run around in circles in games to get the steps achievements
  • You play against an opponent who doesn't exist to get your finishing move achievements in any fighting game.
  • You at any time rage for not getting an achievement
  • You only play games for achievements which have no value
  • You think the number of bronze trophies you have on PSN is worth bragging about
  • You read the last line and the first thing you thought was well I have this many silver ones
  • You read the last one and then say go ahead insult my golds
  • You download PSN free games of the week to pad your trophies
  • You destroyed an entire region in SimCity in order to get your nuclear meltdown achievement
  • You rejoiced the day they came out with cross account achievements in WoW because you could now hide the fact you switch alts on a monthly basis
  • You have a turtle mount
  • You wastes hours in an instance with a bunch of useless people to get an item required for a title achievement only to have it not drop
  • You at any point link an achievement with the word anal next to or around it
and finally
  • You don't say OMG GRATS! when people get an achievement
There you have it, this week's edition of fail. Hope you all enjoyed it as much as I did writing it. 

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  1. Every time I see or hear grats I say one of your macros in my head. Then it makes me sad then slightly happy and then there are those tiems I say it out loud and everyone looks at me like I am insane. Good times