Saturday, August 3, 2013

Dem Feels...!

Gauss & Safiree
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Hello everyone. Happy Saturday!! I had a great friday night. Spent it with family enjoying eachothers company. It got me thinking about a blog topic for today. Guilds. To some people it is just a group of people that associate and do what they need to do and that's it. For me when playing I wasn't one of those guild hoppers. I started playing World of Warcraft when I was 15. At first I didn't take it as serious. As far as talking to others I was very shy.

I was invited to a very well established guild and they very quickly turned the guild invite into a friendship between me and almost 200 other people. Over time there was a group of us maybe 10-15 we were very close. Personally. No matter what I was going through in the real world I had people online who were there for me not in person but in spirit. Unfortunately the leader suffered some major health problems and the guild fell apart. But those 10-15 people became my life long friends. And to this day we are all still very close.

 When I was guildless I didn't mind, but I felt like I didn't belong anywhere. Then when I met Gauss I joined his guild and immediately I felt like an outsider, but at least I had a home. Things were much different. More serious raiding and PVP. After a few months things settled in there own way. Made some temporary friends, and when that guild fell apart the only people I had were Gauss, Lyth, Khullkhum, and a small handful of great people. (Forgive me for misspelling your name Aaron ;). 

Point being, for some people the way you treat someone may or may not actually effect you in game and in the real world. Friendships that will carry on throughout your life. I know most people are shallow players who play to play and that is it. Nothing at all wrong with it. Though I do suggest why not welcome new friends and get the most from your games. (EXCLUDING THE 12 YEAR OLDS IN XBOX LIVE) 

When I talk to people I'm real. Its gotten me many great friends. I feel like experiencing those moments when taking down a boss with the same 25 people you have played with for hours everyday is a feeling that is an amazing spark of good in life. I would love to share all of our stories and I will, but I hope you take from this a new appreciation for those you game with often. Don't be shy :D

Hope you have a great weekend, and as always thanks for the support and emails. I love feedback good or bad. Got a guild screenshot and epic story of victory PVE, PVP, or even other games? Send screenshots of an old victory or new ones. I'd love to help you share that story. Picture and a summary and the most epic adventure will be in next weeks post. I'm excited to see what unfolds. Thanks again guys. :]

Me and a friend of mine. We had nothing at all in common, but were very good friends. R.I.P Patrick <3


  1. Great read! I do have to say something though that screenshot is terrible lol. Everyone looking all over the place not paying attention. It has that omg we forgot a screenshot lets take one feel

    1. lol right? we could kill bosses but not take a decent photo :)

    2. Pretty sure it is that way with most guilds. Every first kill I have ever been apart of always struggles to get a good screenshot

  2. I end to get really attached to my guilds even if they are failing horribly I am there till they burn. So I can relate

  3. Looking good in the pic hard to believe you're a gamer lol

  4. I'm late to the comment party but good article Saf. I think I even found myself in that screen! To be fair one of the more organized shots we took I bet, only time we had some good ones were for Gauss' shadowmourne (sp?).

  5. im also sorry bout the late comment, so I'll make it quick, 7 years 10 guilds 7 of them the same 4 people followed me where ever I went. but in the end I only came out with 2 great friends.