Thursday, August 8, 2013

Update 7

So if you haven't heard SimCity Update 7 is in production and has some much needed traffic modifications. If you haven't read the latest blog about update 7 check it out here SimCity Traffic Tuning.

The update has a lot of road modifications,  which includes raising roads, overpasses, and tunnels. All of which should make the general flow of traffic much better. Now this should make trading by trucks a much more useful practice and there won't be the need to rush to a trade port to make sure train or boat shipping is available. Something which I always made sure of in my trade cities. It actually got to the point where I would stop making trade cities as the traffic became too much of a problem to deal with and there was days upon days where goods would not get there and back to maintain a productive income. This update should change this. Sadly those these road modifications will not be usable on preexisting roads so rebuilding will be necessary. Programming wise I understand this, Mayor wise this is going to be a nightmare for existing regions and may not even be worth changing.

For those who do not play SimCity or haven't realize how bad the traffic can be well here is part of the current problem.

As you can see from the picture you wonder how this even happened in the first place. So here is looking forward to a much needed update so better late then never.

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  1. Wow how could they let that even happen in the first place. I am not programmer but that seems like a horrible design to not be able to turn left