Saturday, August 24, 2013


Gauss & Safiree
Mostly Epic Saturdays

 Hey everyone! Hope your week was awesome. In game, for me it's been a solid grind into reputation for things I need in game. Honestly it wouldn't be as bad if I didn't have 10 million distractions. I'm not one of those people who can be set on one thing for 8 hours on end.. but I am almost there. Lately I have been recruiting a lot for the guild also, and have come to meet some really great new people. 

 Gauss and I have been doing a lot of PvE lately, expert dungeons of that sort. Usually we have excellent luck in finding good players in group so that we can get through the place fast enough to not want to bash our heads off the desk, and other times not so lucky. Unfortunately it happens all the time.

 Tanks. Are the one component of the group that is absolutely hit or miss. Couple weeks back we had a tank who was confused why his self heal wasn't healing the rest of the group. He was genuinely upset for a while about it LOL. Another tank gave us advice on how each fight should play out, while doing completely the opposite of what he said, we wiped over and over. Another decided to tank a statue. (Same statue I onced charged at lol).

 Healers. I thought DPS was more of the egotistical bunch of the group, and most of the time its true but... Gauss is the best and nobody will ever be as great as him. OBVIOUSLY lol. Somehow our groups get into odd scenarios with pulling bosses and trash all at the same time on accident and He can heal through it heroically. Can't really badmouth him, because he will read and never heal me again. So good job Gauss. you are :D

 DPS. Yes, we are awesome. As I always prefer melee, my rogue is ranged (61mm). Most people are really good at moving around strategically, but what I find usually is that most ranged/casters love to corner themselves. Like we don't already have enough problems dodging missiles, fire, or whatever we have to surround ourselves with anything we can find. Most people know to not stand in red/green/rainbow stuff on the ground, but there are always those who think it buffs ones deeps. 

 Support. Today we had the grand pleasure of being grouped with this lovely rogue who queued as support. Did about 700HPS, and complained that DPS wasn't very good. Wasn't doing hardly any damage either, but he had to complain for the longest time about how everyone else sucked. Why?! D:

 This post is a very special vent from me. Hope you enjoyed it lol. I recommend you to definitely try RIFT sometime. It's an awesome game. Excited for the new diablo to come out already. I'm obsessed with Paladins so im very giddy to level a crusader :D  Screenshots are always welcome. I love taking/receiving them. Enjoy your weekends! Tonight is all about Starcraft HOTS with Khulk, and Gauss!!
- Safiree


  1. Isn't that always the problem with Gauss. Can be an ass about things but always gets the job done. You know I love you though no homo though

  2. Problem with MMOs is you have no choice but to deal with stupid people

  3. Ahhhh, the good ol' days of PUGin' a group. I guess I can see both sides; a lot of people have fun with the game and don't want to get deep into the mechanics of it (which can be like a full time job), but they do NOT group well with the people who have put in the time and effort to get really good at their toon and instances. There should be a "casual" and "experienced" label required for PUGs, based on spec, gear and the number of stupid deaths in an instance.