Friday, August 2, 2013


So last week was supposed to be the  first week where you the reader would write the post of the week. I would pick one lucky person and let them have their moment. Last Friday, of course was my Birthday so that didn't happen. This week though is  completely different as well it is not my Birthday so we can do this thing.

When I read what Moolot sent to me I was rather confused so I figured I would share and see what you all thought.

I guess I should start off saying I have been reading your blog for a long time back to when I saw your Pi Guy link on WoW Insider. I will be quite honest that it was not at all what I expected but it was something I saw myself reading on a regular basis, which I guess that is a good thing for you.

As time went on I kept reading and shared your blog with a few of my friends at work as it was a Monday when you were sharing a video. It was actually 9 Crimes. I remember because we actually got into an argument about what the song was about and why it was even a part of the video. It has become this thing where we come into work when we hear a song and just saw it to each other as a way of saying "this song would have fit much better". This has gone on for quite some time and I though you should know you are a reason we tend not to get some work done at times.

If this gets picked or not I thought you should know. So keep on writing and I am sure there is many more like us who get a kick out of everything you write.


I want to thank Moolot for his submission and everyone else for theirs. It really was a lot of fun reading them and look forward to next week's for more of the same. Enjoy your weekend everyone and as always don't forget to see what Safiree will be talking about tomorrow!


  1. I could really just imagine the pain and suffering you cause for a lifetime for those clickers and keyboard turners

  2. thanks for this. really made my day. Something else for us to talk about now