Wednesday, August 28, 2013

All For The Laughs

So here we are on another Wednesday. What does one do in the middle of the week, besides pretend like nothing much of importance is happening, well not much. So what does one do on Wednesday to pass the time? Simple we make a random list to cause random arguments over pointless things. Then we call it Wist Wednesday just to spark that much more outrage. Genius isn't it?

This week I decided to make a list of gaming characters who are pretty much just joke characters and really serve no purpose at all besides comic relief. So here goes.

5. The Dog - Duck Hunt

This dog served no purpose but to infuriate you countless times. When the ducks just wouldn't die. Why was he even there in the first place? Why didn't he get the ducks. Why was I shooting random ducks in the first place, and why did the ducks keep coming?

4. Mojo - Chrono Cross

This giant walking, talking, voodoo doll was a funny addition to Serge’s crew in Chrono Cross. Seeing Mojo dance and cartwheel against enemies next to the likes of Glenn and Kid was unforgettable and hilarious.

3. Dampierre - Soul Calibur 5

Now there are a lot of joke type characters in fighting games. But I don't think anyone is quite as bad as Dampierre. A random grapple where you spank your opponent or having a temper tantrum and stomping over and over on them. Yes he was quite special.

2. Gamon - World Of Warcraft

Now he is no longer the joke he used to be, but he is still the Gamon we know and love. The one we killed countless times just because we could. Or the one we saw charge at the random Deathknights entering Orgrimmar for the first time. We will never forget Gamon.

1. Gilgamesh - Final Fantasy

Was there really any doubt? He has extra limbs armed with swords which work and don't work and speaks in random riddles, which even he doesn't quite understand. Not to mention epic music. He may be a joke character but everyone loves Gilgamesh.

There you have it this week's listen. Tell me what you think agree or disagree I don't care always great to hear rants going either way.


  1. I don't know if I would call the dog useless. He was the one who kept me playing the gaming because he was laughing at me

  2. Gilgamesh is awesome although he wasn't a joke in the arena in FFXIII-2