Thursday, August 1, 2013

When Did It Change?

Sometimes when I am talking to anyone about gaming this picture is kind of how I feel. I have been around this gaming thing for quite some time. I was around when gaming was that secret you didn't tell anyone about because you didn't want them to know. When you try to explain to the younger generation of gamers what games used to be like the response is always "well that doesn't sound fun", "Isn't that unfair?", "Why wouldn't they want you to beat their game?". These are all fair questions and I get that. But...

When did this all change? I have been trying to figure out when companies started to want everyone to see all their content. Was it because the companies themselves realized they were putting all this development money into part of the game that was very getting played? When did games start having difficulty levels? I really can't remember. 

You see I really don't think it is a bad thing the way things have changed it makes sense. Although having bragging rights with friends for getting past a certain point in a game was always a big deal. You would go over and really show why they should bow down to you. There really is nothing like this now. Sure you have twitch where you can watch people do their thing, but it isn't exactly the same. Even achievements seem to be achievements for the sake of achievements now. Rift for example you seem to get an achievement for jumping. Is the self esteem of today's gamer that bad where they need to be congratulated for the silliest of things? Who knows.

So here I am on my chair tell stories of the way things where and what they have become. It feels weird, but I would still like some answers, and maybe one day I will get them.


  1. That picture is great, but I can't really answer you sorry.

  2. I can remember bragging to my friends in 92' about beating sonic 2 in the first month I had it. funny how hard that game was back then now its beatable in a few hours. I was playing commodore 64 back in 88, my favorite game still rings in my ears to this day Supercycle