Friday, December 5, 2014

T'was Some Weeks Before Christmas

Friday! Now you all should know by now unless you are new here that Friday means the Reader Post. The post of the week where I take one of you the Readers Posts and share it with everyone. This week I decided to go with a little Christmas flare. This comes to you from Lurie. Enjoy!

T’was some weeks before Christmas, and in every raid,
Were people all crying ‘bout the game that they played.

Some felt they’d been cheated, the content was bad!
Re-hashing and smashing old models was sad.

The mechanics were simple, a means to get loot.
Just so long as you gave a few newbies the boot.

And elitists, some were, feeling clever and shrewd
As they spoke of our mothers in ways that were lewd.

Getting angry whenever the dps lacked
Or vulgar whenever the healers slacked.

And Heaven so help a tank that would fall,
To them some would say to slash un-install.

Because many now felt entitlement,
Their right to everything for their money spent.

Perhaps thinking that their subscription charge,
Gave them the right to have egos so large.

And so on the forums they whined and they moaned!
In hundreds of posts they raged and they groaned!

“Warcraft is dead! The Dev Team has failed!
The lot of them ought to be beaten and jailed!

For so destroying the game that I love,
We hope someone smites them from high up above!

This patch is lackluster, a gift to the PUGs!
It’s awful old content and loaded with bugs!

Epics are free, the heroics too easy!
Thrall having a baby is horribly cheesy!

Who cares about the free games that you hand us,
When the next expansion is covered in pandas!

We’ve given up with this now, we are done, we are through!
All your players are leaving for something that’s new.

What you have done is nothing short of theft!”
And so the haters all hating this way finally left.

Then the once silent majority erupted with cheer!
They could actually have a Warcraft Christmas this year!

With all the trolls gone and silence in Trade,
They were free to enjoy this game Blizzard made!

So Blizzard made money and the players made friends,
Because all Christmas stories have happy ends.

And the players looked up and heard Metzen say,
Merry Christmas to all, Heroes of the Storm is on the way!

Yes I know I enjoyed that too! Have a good weekend everyone!

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