Thursday, December 11, 2014

Ok You Drink

So let's be honest here for a second. Coming this Christmas season all of us will be doing a lot of gaming. Also we will be doing a bit of drinking. Especially if you are like me. Many of these times the two of them will mix for not only your enjoyment but just for some simple hilarity. So I decided to day to share some of my favourite drinking games you can play for the holiday season which involve gaming.

Wii Sports

Not only is Wii sports fun to play with random people. It is also amazing to play with people while you are drinking. This almost always adds to more drinking and more fun. Two of my favourite drinking games to play with Wii Sports are with Rock Skipping and Bowling. For rock skipping it is simple however many skips you are beaten by in each round that is how long you have to chug your beer for. With bowling however many pins you are beaten by in each frame is how many shots you owe. 

Soul Calibur

Every time you are beaten in a round you take a sip of beer. Every time you are soul crushed or ringed out you have a shot. The best part about this game is in a tourney setting with multiple people the championship match is always the most entertaining.


Every goal scored against you is a shot along with every time you lose a fight. This is best to play on the lowest difficult setting as your goalies tend to play like peewees and the score ends up being 10-9.


If you are beaten to a world wonder it will cost you a beer. If you capture a city they drink if you raze a city they have a shot. This can get out of hand quickly and the game never seems to get finished every time I play.

There are the games I know so far. I am planning to come up with one for Hearthstone this coming Christmas. If you have any ideas send them my way.

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  1. Haha good stuff here will have to try some of these out in the next couple weeks