Tuesday, December 2, 2014

You Fail At Gamer Christmas Gifts If...

Fail Day, and the first one of December as well. So what better thing to talk about in December than Christmas right? Now if you are like me you dislike Christmas shopping in general not because you don't like to get people gifts, but I hate going to the stores when they are busy or just all around asking people what they actually want. So this inspired me for this week's Fail Day.

You Fail At Gamer Christmas Gifts If...

  • You bought a game for the wrong system
  • You will be mad if they want to play the game all day once you get it for them
  • You give the advice of getting Call of Duty
  • You think wrapping it matters
  • You got an Origin Gift Card instead of Steam
  • You you listed to the employee who says everyone is in to SWTOR
  • You didn't get them anything gaming related
  • You picked up a headset without a mic
  • You bought the Kinect because it was on clearance
  • You figured facebook credits were a good idea
  • You bought a strategy guide for a game they don't play
  • You were so excited about the wireless mouse you picked up

and finally

  • You ever thought about picking up an XBOX One

There it is this week's edition of fail. Hope you all enjoyed it and maybe you might just have an easier time shopping!


  1. There is nothing like a new game and Christmas always has a few of them coming my way

  2. omg dont forget about the fail of buying a game 2 days before its givein out for free on psplus lolcheeseybeefcake -khul