Wednesday, December 3, 2014

We Checked Every Bulb, Didn't We?

Wednesday meaning the middle of the week and time for a list. I have been trying to think of lists to do that fit the season. Sitting around brainstorming when just randomly I thought of the idea to make one on why it is awesome to be a gamer during the Christmas Season. You all know exactly what I am talking about you are probably already thinking about reasons in your head right now. So let's just skip the intro and get right to it.

5. Laughing At People Buying XBOX One

So this is a new one which started last year. Just randomly doing Christmas shopping and watching people frantically looking to find themselves an XBOX One. I tried to convince someone otherwise before and they just didn't want to hear it. So now I just smirk and think about how glad I am to have a PS4

4. Winter Veil

There are plenty of games which have in game events for the Christmas Season. Winter Veil was the first I ever experienced 10 years ago and really that will always make it the most special to me. There isn't a year that has gone by where I haven't been excited for Winter's Veil

3. Talking Gaming With Relatives

So you don't always see all of your family every holiday. This season is really the time I am always seeing them. We talk about the games throughout the year what we have played what we are excited to see coming and so on and so forth. Always a good time.

2. Watching Non Gamers Fail at Wii Sports

Is there anyone who doesn't enjoy this? Doesn't matter what sport you end up playing but really there is not many things I look forward to then Wii remotes flying across the room or the smack talking which goes on during a Wii sports tourney

1. New Game

Nothing really beats a new game. Except maybe a new game which you didn't have to pay for. We all know what follows and that is the person who bought you the game complaining you are playing it too much.

There you have it this week's list. Is there things you enjoy about the Christmas Season which I didn't mention? Let me know. Give me some stories about it always love to hear them.

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  1. I also tried to convince a mother not to get an xbox one for her child but she didn't want to here it thought I was trying to up sell her since the PS4 is worth more