Tuesday, December 9, 2014

You Fail At Knowing About Goblins vs Gnomes If...

Fail Day! Yes, I know it is getting close to Christmas and I really should be doing Christmasy themed things, but how could I resist doing this. Goblins vs Gnomes is upon us and what better way to celebrate then give it its very own Fail Day?

You Fail At Knowing About Goblins vs Gnomes If...

  • You have no clue what it is
  • You didn't know it came out today
  • You aren't curious how mischief you will get into using the board
  • You haven't been looking at the cards a drooling
  • You don't think every hunter will be running feign death
  • You think all the new cards are bad
  • You didn't know each class is getting a new legendary
  • You were not aware you could have played the expansion in the arena this past weekend for free
  • You don't think this will change rank play specifically
  • You are not curious how the pros are going to use the cards
  • You are not thinking about giving yourself a Hearthstone Christmas gift
  • You don't enjoy randomness in your card selection

and finally

  • You don't play Hearthstone

There you have it now just don't fail. May all your future explosions go in your favour.


  1. Already playing it and already loving it

  2. Right expansion, wrong Blizzard game in my book ;)