Thursday, December 4, 2014

Don't Go Past The Tower

So there are many things I would like for Christmas. Many of those things won't happen, and really I don't expect them to. There are also things I hope will happen and would be greatful if they actually did. I don't know how many of you have taken part in the WoW 10 Year Anniversary Tarren Mill vs Southshore battleground but to me I am hoping for Christmas it sticks around.

Why? Well not only does it take me back to the beginning of the PvP system coming to WoW. You know before WSG and AV became the places to be. This was the way you ranked up this was what you did. I was right in the thick of it competing for High Warlord. A title which many of you know I achieved and still wear to this day. Back then it seemed pointless and often was the case where you just endlessly battled back and forth where to apparent victor was ever crowned, but regardless of that fact it was fun as hell.

The new anniversary BG gives that old feel back. Obviously it is not the same, but it brings back the memories of those times. Also gives the newer players who never experienced the madness a chance to see what things were like before the BGs came to be a thing.

Not to mention finishing the BG with a win and being a High Warlord was like a sign from the WoW Gods that they knew I was there pushing the Alliance back like old times. Kept looking behind me to see if I could see my old group of healers keeping me alive just like old times.

So Blizzard if you choose to keep this BG full time I thank you. If it is just going to be around for the anniversary then I will thank you as well for reminding me of the great times of old.

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  1. It really is fun. I actually like how the match can go back and forth either way so fast makes it less of an "it's over" BG