Sunday, December 14, 2014

Ask Gauss

Sunday! Yes here we are at the end of the weekend and getting closer and closer to Christmas with each passing day. I am still not ready but hoping to be ready eventually. Before I get on with the shopping I need to finish up though I need to answer some questions for the week so here we go.

Did you or do you plan on buying any Goblins vs Gnomes packs?

I haven't as of yet. As with every free to play game if I enjoy the game and will be playing it I spend on that game what I would spend if the game was being sold. So in this case I will spend $40-50 on card packs and then be done with it. All of my saved up gold will be used for arena runs and then that will be it. I feel it is important to actually be one of the "spenders" since if I am enjoying a game like Hearthstone so much I feel like I should give back. Also the cards themselves will be a Christmas gift to myself.

Do you think they are killing off too many major characters in WoD?

Not really. You have to remember they are trying to build a story and really most of the "killed" characters are already dead in our timeline they just want to make it less confusing for the most part and letting those who weren't part of their deaths in the first place to have a chance to see the epicness with it. The one I am surprised to be killed off so fast though is Ner'zhul. Garrosh you had to think something was coming but Ner'zhul has been in on all the artwork from the very start

Are you taking a holiday break?

I am taking one, but no worries I will say when so people don't think I am dead.

There they are. Questions all done for the week. Enjoy the rest of the weekend and your continued preparation for Christmas

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  1. I don't think any of the deaths were in poor taste. They all had a purpose and like you said some of them were already dead in our timeline