Friday, December 12, 2014

For The Dragonmaw

Friday! Yes the week is already over and it is time to see who wants to be part of the Reader Post this week. As most of you know I am a great fan of the Lore involved in Warcraft and Warlords of Draenor is no different in that regard. When characters who have quite the large story are killed off it is always a big deal and makes you think and reflect on them. This is what Trassk has done with this week's post after his completion of the new UBRS. So have a look!

So I finally did Upper Blackrock Spire today on heroic and killed Zaela, good group and no troubles figuring out the boss mechanics. I then began to remember back in cata when we first meet Zaela, how we sided with her and the rogue dragonmaw orcs against its corrupt leader, and overthrew him, leading to us the player making a bond with Zaela though the twilight highlands. I even liked her quote "Wherever the horde takes us, we will keep our heads held high, and our blood pure, good riddance Mor'ghor, a new dragonmaw is born this day!"

The one problem I had with her back then was because she went from being under the chock-hold of one corrupt ruler, right into the arms of another without question. But regardless of it I liked her attitude and character, and I liked the thought of the dragonmaw reforming and joining the horde, with her leading it.

All that of course has turned to shit now, and Zaela got slapped with the villian label, just like Nazgrim, and made into a killable boss, making all we got to know and think good about her from cata just meaningless now. 

It got me then thinking on two fronts, and extended to other characters, when you think about it from a lore standpoint, Garrosh didn't just kill alliance and horde characters over his time in the story, from Cairne to Kinndy Sparkshine and Rhonin to the golden lotus, he was also responsible for the paths other characters went down, like Nazgrim and Zaela, who followed him so blindly they became enemies of everyone by the end of it all. Really, anything Garrosh touched turned to shit.

On the other hand though, looking at the writers, I can't help but keep wondering why, what was the purpose of this, surely they must have know years ahead of time the progression of certain characters in how they would end up, and so i just wonder why then build up such characters, just to make them into yet more loot bags for us to whack each day?

There you have it RIP Zaela you will be missed!


  1. Poor Zaela. All she wanted was to be part of something worthwhile

  2. Zaela was absolutely wasted. She and I were buddies. It just tears me apart to kill her for a blue that was going to be DE'd anyhow.