Thursday, September 24, 2015

Easter Eggs

So everyone who knows anything about Final Fantasy has taken a look at this concept art picture for Final Fantasy XV of Noctis and Luna, two of the main characters from the game, and looking at the dog on the right. Now if you haven't seen this picture yet and are a Final Fantasy fan you are thinking right now about how much that dog looks like Rinoa's dog Angelo from Final Fantasy VII. Now I think this is meant to be a really nice easter egg for fans of the series and isn't supposed to mean to much. What baffles my mind though is why no one is talking about what appears to be Rufus Shinra's wheelchair on the left side of the picture. Now is this just another easter egg and people just haven't realized, and if they have why is no one talking it?

Now even though I see it. I don't think it is anything besides just an easter egg to fans, but it really is interesting how these have both been thrown into the same picture. Especially since the developers have been criticized by some fans lately have moved away from the VII, VIII, IX formula which many believe was the highlight of the series. For all you VI fans it was a great game and arguments aside it just wasn't as popular as the three I mentioned.

So is this a way of letting the fandom know that they are bringing back those type of roots to the series? Maybe or it could just be a simple easter egg. Regardless these things are always fun to speculate, and the reason I love easter eggs in games. They just make you think about connections you never tend to think about until they are thrown right in your face. It makes for a bit of nostalgia while you are playing a new game which to me really is never a bad thing.

So what do you think? Just a simple easter egg? Or a promise? Or is it all just a simple coincidence that I am looking too much into? Whatever you think let me know.


  1. Not sure i guess we will find out if theirs a pair of orthipedic underwear in the dresser.-khul

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