Tuesday, September 29, 2015

You Fail At Uncharted If...

So with little more than a week away from October the 9th I thought for this week's fail day I would go back to something which will be new again. That is if you didn't know the release of the Nathan Drake Collection for the PS4. So for those who have had the chance or not in what in my opinion is the greatest trilogy ever comes to you in full HD. With that all in mind here we go

You Fail At Uncharted If...

  • You don't know who Nathan Drake is
  • You don't know the pain of "the tank"
  • You have never run over rooftops avoiding a helicopter
  • You can't catch a grenade
  • You don't like Sully
  • You don't find the elevator joke in Uncharted 2 funny
  • You don't think Tenzin is awesome
  • You never question drakes thief skills
  • You doubt Drakes ability to survive impossible odds
  • You think there is ever a bad time for an RPG
  • You play on Easy mode
  • You never wonder what the deal is with the trains

And Finally

  • You have no interest in playing

There you have it this week's edition of fail and a little more than a week to prepare for it all!

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