Friday, September 4, 2015

Rath's Wrath

So I will admit I play a lot of games of Hearthstone. I have made sure I get every card back each month and follow the meta and like it or not I understand where it goes. I know how ranking up works and what works best at each point during the process. With that all being said there is always people who complain about things being unfair because they don't have cards or that they cannot play the types of decks they want because they always lose. Before complaining about such things you really should think about why your deck is losing, most likely because it isn't very good. With all that being said when I was picking a post for the Reader Post this week I came across this rage filled rant from Rath, and you know me I cannot help but share people going off the deep end.

This is something that has become clear to me over time, but it finally just crystallized in my mind - why "rush" decks like Face Hunter, Mech Mage and so forth, decks that spam low cost minions, are so bad for this game. 

It goes hand in hand with the other top complaint, too much RNG.

Simply put, unless you are playing one of those decks also, whether or not you win is entirely up to RNG. There is nothing you can do from a skill standpoint to improve your chances. You either draw the cards you need to draw, or you lose. 

Other common decks, even ones that people complain about like Patron Warrior, at least give you a chance to make decisions that can win or lose the game. The rush decks do not. 

That is the central, and worst reason. But there are others: 

-1)Because you can't beat those decks with skill, they are the thing that the entire rest of the "meta" revolves around. They are the reason why a massive number of decks, and cards, are not viable. If your deck can't beat rush decks, you can't use it, even if it can beat every other kind of deck when you play it well.

2)The fact that rush decks require almost no skill or decision making by those who play them. 

So the end result is that those decks turn the game into a pure coin flip, remove strategy, and make a huge number of other cards, decks and playstyles unplayable.

For those reasons, Blizzard should do something seriously to counter those decks, or remove them. Of course they probably won't, which will probably be one of the main reasons I end up quitting this game just like I quit WoW, for the same reasons. Quality of gameplay is one of Blizzard's lowest priorities as a company.

So yes while I agree rush decks are not fun to play against they have counters and you should know them before you call for them to be removed from the game all together.

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