Tuesday, September 22, 2015

You Fail At Phantom Pain If...

Fail Day! Yes here we are once again, and with it we have things on our mind we must get off our chest do we not. Now Anyone who is anyone knows that the newest Medal Gear Solid game is out and happy fun times for all of those who are playing it. What I haven't had the chance for is a chance to sit down and seriously play it the last couple weeks. I did though finally get a chance to, and as is the tradition with new games well you get your own Fail Day!

You Fail At Phantom Pain If...

  • You dislike open world games
  • You are as stealth as an Elephant
  • You don't find it weird that you keep getting out with Fulton
  • You don't like using tranq darts
  • You don't like making your own weapons
  • You enjoy Kiefer Sutherland better than David Hayter
  • You want to bring the old AI's awareness back
  • You don't understand the day and night changes
  • You are not a fan of multiple ways to accomplish the same mission
  • You enjoy the micro transactions for the multiplayer
  • You forgot to import your Ground Zero save file
  • You didn't play Ground Zero

and finally

  • You enjoy the endless credits

There you have it. This week's edition of fail and hope you all learned some or in the least got something out of it

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