Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Found Grandma's Life Savings Of 9 Gil

Wednesday. Yes here we are in the middle of the week wondering what is going on. Kind of like when you are playing a video game and are left scratching your head at some of the logic which has been around for years. You know those things which you have learned to accept even if they don't make much sense at all. Well here are my top 5 flaws in video game logic, which we accept.

5. Armor is Weightless

So you have this amazing set of armor and you can do all the exact same tasks as if you don't have it. This happens a lot in RPGs where you armor gets bigger and bigger and some how you are just as capable of scaling that wall or jumping that gap with 100+lbs of weight

4. Bad Touch

Who decided that if you touch things it kills you? This goes back to platform games, but still is a head scratcher. Sure you want there to be something but an enemy grazing you causes you to instantly die is still puzzling

3. Water Means Death

So you have all these amazing pieces of armor you can preform these feats which border on the impossible but you just touch that water and its game over. Also puzzling that in some games where you can take swords, knives, or even countless bullets to the chest one dip in that water is the thing that ends it all.

2. Inventory Issues

So this is all over the place. You can have countless items in a small backpack that stack to unknown quantities in a variety of games. Also at times you are limited to 10, 15 bullets but then you can carry 10 different guns of a variety of shapes and sizes. Who is the person who came up with this?

1. Food Cures All

So yes I get it something has to be the thing which heals you. But food? Nothing like fighting a bunch of enemies and then eating a turkey and feeling fine. Also has no one wondered if the food has just been laying around if it would not kill you rather than heal you?

There you have it. Now there was countless things, which could have made this list but I found these the most apparently flawed. As always though be sure to tell me how you think I am wrong.

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