Thursday, September 3, 2015

God Does Arithmetic

I am of the belief that everything has a story. Nothing you do for no reason, something always got you to that point. Gamer tags are no different really. Sure there are those people who will just say that they used a gamer tag generator, but then the question to me is why? Is it because they wanted someone else to think of something original for them so they wouldn't pick XxxDavexxX? If that is the case then that is good on them. To me your name should be something people remember for the sake if you meet up with someone again and want to team up or someone you know sparks competition for yourself

Everyone's tag has a story. Mine Gauss is pretty simple. I am an avid Mathematician and Gauss in my mind is the greatest Mathematician who ever was. Not just because he was smart, but because he excelled in every branch he studied in. He was always the student and didn't shy away from any challenge that came his way. This is the attitude I wanted to give myself as a gamer way back when I chose to embrace "Gauss" as my tag.

Some of your tags may be a tribute to a person, or something you enjoy, or even a play on words. Whatever it is there is a story behind it and really no gamer I have known has been shy of explaining the origin of their tag. Nothing beats a good origin story for a game or the gamer themselves. So I urge you share your stories and explain to new gamers that it is never a bad thing to be proud of your tag.

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