Friday, September 25, 2015

The Hearthstone Gods

Friday. Yes it is here and it is time to pick a Reader Post for the week. Now I know like anyone else that the RNG gods can be very cruel. Many times I get submissions that complain that the world is against them and that such and such is just unfair. That was when I cam across Shivan's Post for the week which made me sit back smile and feel the pain. So what better reason then to share it with you.

This is not a whine session, but more of an observation.

First off, I have no illusions of making it to the world championships. I also, for the most part, enjoy playing weenie decks, with a catch, and accept that doing so requires early board dominance. However...

After about a five game win streak , you ever have where you just start getting your butt handed to you, ridiculously hard?

It's not because you moved up a rank or two...You're still facing the same one, or two successful decks each class has. Patron Warriors, Secret Paladins, Mech Mages, Totem Shamans etc...and you know what you need to counter the deck. It's because out of the blue, you just start getting the most God awful draws that could be created out of your decks. Even mulligans are a complete disaster. "Oh jeez, I just drew three out of the four end-game cards I have. Better put Dr. Boom back in and Boom, again???"

That, or your opponent gets a draw so specifically designed to destroy you, and keeps pulling just the right card to stop any kind of recovery.
"Meh heh heh heh, I'm a Warlock, and I'm going to whip out my fourth turn 8/8 giant...Shadow Word:Death...Ok, well here's another....SW:D...Um, ok, well here's two more 8/8s...and a Light Bomb. And I've lost to a 1/3 cleric..."
Or, the Piloted Shredder that just so happens to poop out a Steamwheedle Sniper...for a hunter.

And I've had this happen to me on the flip side, where I have just dominated decks that I know aren't working no where near the way they should. Where I'm winning by fifth turn with 26-30 life left. While it does make me feel confident in my deck, the reality is that I received the perfect starting hand to counter my opponent, and the luck just kept pulling with each draw. Where my opponent started off with expensive cards, and broken combos.

As mentioned, this observation isn't meant to complain, and ask why my decks are losing. I'm happy with them. They're fun and have a decent success rate, and I know where the gamble is in playing with them.

I'm wandering if anyone else has noticed that on some days, the Hearthstone gods have just deemed you unworthy?

There you have it? What do you think?

Have a great weekend!

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