Sunday, September 20, 2015

Ask Gauss

Sunday! Yes it is that time of the week again when you wonder where the hell your weekend went. And just like every other weekend when you are sobbing you take a break and read the responses to the questions I have chosen for the week. So here we go.

NHL 16 have you tried it?

Truthfully as I stated a couple months back in a blog sports games have not triggered my interest in the longest time, which is sad because I spent a lot of time growing up playing the hockey, baseball, and golf games. To me without proper competition just haven't been enough improvements or actually gameplay enhancements to even cause me to think twice about buying them. So while I may play the game if someone I know has it I just won't commit the money to get it myself.

What do you say when people scoff at the mention of eSports?

Well I point to the fact that how much fans are brought to live events. How much people follow it and how they get paid for doing what they enjoy doing. So with all those things taken in how does it really different from other professional sports or games out there? The answer is really not much at all. The fact is people cannot handle that someone sitting at home gaming could actually be a professional at something and that is what I think really bothers them.

Do you feel there is another game type that we haven't seen yet?

Well I assume there is, but if I knew it wouldn't that mean the game or the idea itself would exist?

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