Friday, September 11, 2015

What Is Elune?

Here we are on yet another Friday with an interesting question which has been proposed again and again. What is Elune? You know the Night Elf goddess in the Warcraft Universe? There have been many things proposed over the years but this theory from Shadowspire is definitely one of the more interesting and feasible ones I have come across. So I thought why not share it this week for this week's Reader Post. So here it is!

What is Elune?

First we know shes not a Naruu because Cenarius isn't some half dear half crystal creature. Second just because there are similar ways Elunes blessing work as well as Naruu but so do human blessings. The only rare type of blessing is from elements, so that theory is thrown out.

My two speculations are really simple.

1) Elune a loa. It's fact now that elves (de)evolved from trolls, specially dark trolls that settled around the first well of eternity. Loa also gain strength as they are worshiped more and can even empower followers, and thanks to mop we see Zandalaris trolls actually resemble elves anyway, her being a loa that has passed even Hakkar would make sense.

2) Independent cosmic titan- the pantheon isn't all titans it's just a large group of them that choose to work together for a common purpose. Elune could be a more calm and peaceful version of Sargeras who choose to walk away from the pantheon. She could have found Azeroth planted predecessor races while ignoring the old gods. This could mean most nature constructs are just those made by her, we have proof of this anyway from Aviana and Asseina, both lesser deities Elune made. It could also explain why the pantheon, who seem to wipe out any other powerful source left her/it alone. There would be no point in killing another titan Who meant no harm and could even serve as a grand watcher should their own constructs suck. It would also explain why she can rewrite creatures as well as have her own creations use creations the titan made, aka Cenarius Malorne,Aviana,Assenia, and Logosh all being able to use the emerald dream, a pantheon made construct that only the green dragons were meant to.

So there it is. What do you think? Is it possible? I mean it could make sense, but really no one will know the answer until it is finally if ever revealed to us. So now all you can do is have it on your mind all weekend. So with that, enjoy your weekend!

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