Thursday, September 17, 2015

Zelda Is The Princess

So there are many things that bother me. Some of them more than others, but then there are those things that really make you just want to slap someone. Now what could that be? Well when people make incorrect video game references which are so obvious beyond belief. The common one is shown above so many times I have heard people refer to Link as Zelda. Why? Why must you be so idiotic? Now I understand in the strip it is a child and I may forgive something like that, but when this has happened to me this has been like 20 somethings who are adamant about what they are saying until you correct them.

Now when someone pronounces something incorrectly that can be forgiven that is unless you have corrected them before including in the sentence they said it and they keep on keeping on. These are the people that are the complete reason that aliens don't talk to us. They wonder how people with everything that they have around them be so clueless to everything that is around them. I would much rather talk to someone who thinks Call of Duty is the greatest gaming franchise ever then someone who doesn't even know the correct knows or places of the things they are trying to prove a point about. Hell I would ever rather talk to a bullshitter who you know is a complete bullshitter just because they at least have knowledge of the things they are trying to pretend they have done.

Now I realize some of you are probably sitting there thinking why is he being so hard on people for a minor thing. The thing is I don't think it is a minor thing at all I believe if you are interested in something enough and are wanting to talk about it with others you should at least have a base knowledge of it to not mess up the simplest things involved with it.

Ok you are safe my rant is over.

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