Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Inception Gaming

Wednesday! Which means it is time for me to make this week's list. So what was my decision of what to do it on? Well have you ever been playing the game you were playing and then just got sidetracked playing the game within the game? Well that is what this week's list is all about my favourite games within games. So here we go.

5. Chocobo Racing - Final Fantasy VII

So yes there was a purpose so you could get Knights of the Round, but then it was also so much fun to keep racing again and again to see how much you could push yourself. To this day I always spend way too much time doing this when I do my runs through VII.

4. Triple Triad - Final Fantasy VIII

Anyone who has ever played FFVIII knows that you can log onto this game with a purpose and then all of the sudden realize you have been playing cards for 3 hours. While you were having fun you also realize you never accomplished anything.

3. NES Games - Animal Crossing 

So there is games within games and then there is a collection of games within a game. Animal Crossing had just that where you could play a wide variety of NES games during your adventure.

2. Lost Viking - Starcraft II Wings of Liberty

This was a nod to of course The Lost Vikings one of Blizzards original games, but it was also something to pass the time while you were chilling during Starcraft II WoL campaign. Oh the fun!

1. Geometry Wars - Project Gotham Racing

So there are great games within games and then there are games within games that then outsell there original game when they are released by themselves. Geometry Wars did just that.

There you have it my favourite games within games. Did I miss one? Probably and I am sure you will let me know about it.

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