Friday, September 18, 2015

Abathur's Master Plan

Happy Friday all! So sometimes it is fun to think of crazy theories and how they can play out. Game of Thrones fans do this all the time. It is even more fun to think about how these could possible work by finding evidence within the actual source material. Well Fdas has just done that with a crazy theory for the ending of Starcraft II, and it involves everyone's favourite evil genius Abathur. So here it is.

Blizzard's storywriters have fooled us all. All of WoL and HoTS was actually a plan to get you to think they were before revealing everything in LoTV.

In LoTV, we will find out that the trailers are actually BS or placed out of context to provide a false impression of the situation.

What will happen: prophecy turns out to be a hoax made up by a Zeratul who went mad after BW. Amon doesn't actually exist, and Abathur is actually the mastermind behind everything.

Abathur created Narud. Abathur gives Zeratul the fake prophecy. Abathur modified Jim to fall in love with Kerrigan again. The "Zerus" we saw isn't actually the birthplace of the overmind and is just somewhere that abathur found strong essence on.

You might ask, what is his end goal?
After finding Amon to be a hoax, the protoss and terran attack Kerrigan. Kerrigan manages to defeat them and smashes the enemy forces and kills their leader but is injured during the fight. Raynor, controlled by Abathur, tells Kerrigan that he doesn't actually love her. Kerrigan is devastated by this. Then, Abathur kills her and absorbs her essence and obtains Mega Evolution.

So what do you think? Just something for you to think about this weekend.

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