Thursday, September 10, 2015

The First Go

So here I was sitting down throwing down some ideas on what I can write some blogs about when this came to me. The know that feeling when you are playing through a game for the first time. Not just any game, but the ones which are story based. Everything you do everything you find will all bring you more into the story. There are those moments just like when you watch a movie that won't shock you again that won't make you wonder or hold your breath. That to me is the making of a great game, but it is also sad at the same time.

Sure I always enjoy playing through great games again and again, but no matter how much I enjoy them the first time will always be the best. You will always remember "that part" as the part where "that" happened. You won't say "wtf just happened", "are you serious", or "you got to be kidding me". You will play the game around those moments you know are going to happen. There is no shock, no build up, no nothing. Sure  you are playing through it because it is fun and you know will enjoy it, but really wish you could go back to a time where it could be the first go through all over again.

To me it is sad, and really is part of the reason I urge people to play all these games that I love because you want them to enjoy those moments as much as you did. You want them to say all those things and talk to others about when such and such happened. I know I can't be alone in this, well I know I can't be because I found a meme to use, which points directly what I am talking about. So let's have a moment and reflect about all those things we will never see for the first time again.

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  1. Any game that has a character death isn't close to the same