Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Survival is Overrated

So here we are on yet another Wednesday preparing ourselves for this week's list. Now I had quite a few ideas this week but I was randomly running around in Assassin's Creed and thought about rooftops. I know it is weird isn't it. Now for this list I wanted to think of the best rooftop levels in games. Not games where it is just part of the main story. So funny how that stipulation really eliminated Assassin's Creed from the whole list that it inspired but hey it happens. So here are my choices for the best Rooftop levels.

5. Level 5 - Plants vs Zombies

Everyone has heard of this game, but maybe not everyone has made it this far. If you have you know the fun and rage which can happen during this lovely stage.

4. At the Heliport - Double Dragon II

There are many NES games which have great rooftop levels but I don't think anyone did it better than this. Not only was it challenging jumping around but the proximity of enemies and the final boss of the stage just gave you a sense of accomplishment.

3. Desperate Times- Uncharted 2

So Drake gets himself into trouble more than most people. This level is no different as you are taking ziplines and jumping and climbing buildings all over Nepal all while trying to avoid the helicopter trying to kill you. 

2. Rooftop Run - Sonic Generations

Now a modern take on an older Sonic level not only brought out the nostalgia but also brought in some new and amazing 3D elements that makes this level just missing the top spot. If you have never played a Sonic game and want to try one level this is the one that screams everything about the series.

1. The Edge - Mirror's Edge

So even with how amazing the Rooftop run is this level in basically the book on how to make the best rooftop level around. Anyone who has ever had the opportunity to play this game I am sure would agree 100% that it really has no real competitor.

There it is this week's list. Agree? As always tell me me what you think right or wrong and argue with one another.