Thursday, December 17, 2015

CO-OP Insanity

So today I decided to rant about something that has the Starcraft II community at least a minority of them up in arms. This sentence

In the future, additional commanders will be offered for purchase, but as the first commander being added to Co-op Missions, we’re giving Karax away absolutely free to all Legacy of the Void players.

Yes that is the one. This was said in the Karax release article which can be seen by clicking here.

Now why has this got people going crazy? Well it is the fact that Blizzard is going to be charging for future commanders. They believe since they purchased Legacy of the Void they should be getting everything for free from now on. This with already the fact that the Nova missions would be additional cost people are borderline insane. Now I have a problem with DLCs which should have been included in the release of a game. Legacy of the Void is a full game. There is a 19 mission campaign, a 3 mission epilogue, a new coop mode with exclusive commanders, and the most anticipated multiplayer RTS revamp. That is a full game. This also isn't a release that is happening right away. This is something in the future.

If you want to keep playing Starcraft II for years especially having the multiplayer continually worked on it has to have money to pay for the developers. It is as simple as that. They aren't charging you for new units, these are fluff things. These are things that are just extra and therefore should be a charge. Think of it like a Store mount or pet in WoW you can use them in your adventures but do they really serve any purpose besides fluff? No not at all. So don't get yourself going crazy over something so non important. If this was a a new multiplayer unit only people who paid would have access to that would be a completely different story.

So take a deep breath and everything will be ok.

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  1. Some people just think they deserve everything for free