Sunday, December 6, 2015

Ask Gauss

Sunday! Here we are on yet another Sunday wondering ourselves away about what we didn't finish this weekend. Also comes the time where I am supposed to pick some questions for the week to answer on here. So I should probably get to that without too much more babbling.

Why do people always use the phrase "this game is dying"?

Well it is simple. They probably don't want to play the game and are trying for some reason or another to get people to understand. They talk about how a game is too difficult for them or that they have no friends that play it or some person said the game was bad so they just say it is dying. Or they just want people to play another game, the one that they want to play. WoW has been dying for countless years now. Yes the sub numbers have gone down, but it is far and away the most played MMO on the planet. Forums for games are always filled with this game is dying crap and really you shouldn't really believe any of it, because most of the time it is just people ragging and looking for attention.

Did you see the new Uncharted 4 cinematic?

That I did. Always great to see Nathan Drake in action even if he is getting his ass handed to him a little. Every time though makes me feel like March is just so far away and I really don't like wishing my time away. I am sure everyone who is an Uncharted fan though has felt the same way since the announcement of the 4th game. For those who haven't seen it here it is

Are you taking a Christmas Break from the blog?

I will be, but at the moment not sure of the timeline. Don't worry I won't disappear without a trace.

There you have it this week's questions all out there. Hope everyone got something out of it more than the wasted time to read them all. As always thanks to everyone who sent something in. I know lately I have been extra slow in responses just been outrageously busy so thank you for your patience and enjoy the rest of your weekend.

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