Wednesday, December 9, 2015

No Longer Talk, No Longer Laugh, Cry Or Get Angry

So after seeing "the trailer" their has been a few things on my mind. Be it from the endless amount of complaining I have seen about it not being turn based to what scenes from the original I am looking so forward to see in the remake. With jsut the opening from the game I can already tell this is going to be something I am going to love. So for the list here are my top 5 scenes I cannot wait to see in the remake.

5. The Golden Saucer

You know when you first arrive to the Golden Saucer and how epic and amazing the entire atmosphere is. Well that's exactly what I am thinking is going to be even more epic the second time around.

4. Cid's First Flight

What can I say I love Cid. When he is bitching and complaining the entire time and then finally gets his chance in space. Well this is just something else on another level. He gets his dream and everything else is history.

3. Finding Vincent

So there is this guy chilling in a coffin. What is he doing there? Who is he? How mysterious? Well it was all that when played it before how much more dark can they make it this time around?

2. Red Sees His Father's Sacrifice

You know a certain someone's death seems to get all the credit, but this to me is one of the most heartfelt scenes in the entire game. To realize what his father did when this entire time what he thought of him is some next level stuff. Even more so in my mind with better graphics and vice acting.

1. Aerith Death

Was there really any doubt to this? This is not only one of the most iconic scenes in the game itself it really is one of the most iconic scenes in all of gaming. Seeing it remade is going to make the feel train moving.

There you have it the scenes I am most looking forward to in the remake. Obviously I am looking forward to everything about it these just happen to be my go to. Do you have ones you think would fit better? As always let me know.

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