Friday, December 11, 2015

Evil or Not?

So here we are another Friday, another Reader Post. This one comes to us from MikeToss and his views on how Kerrigan might not be as bad or as evil as people think she is. I know I have been thinking about this since I have completed the campaign and as is the case with any lore I love opinions on either side of the coin. So have a read.

Well I guess there is last thing to say. Like already said Kerrigan story has always been to me more tragic one than a one about a villian a woman who was drafted into one of the cruelest soldier programs ever and experimented on zerg because she was psionic. When she was freed she had a chance to be happy and maybe do things other than being a heartless killing machine. But she was betrayed by her superior.

She became the queen of blades somewhat shallow villian who just killed, was cruel, manipulated because she could but had a few moments when some humanity surfaced some times (SC1 Z4 and BW Z5). On top of that there is the fact that she killed 8 billion people.

Then comes the Hots she goes after Mengsk wanting revenge for his deeds. Kerrigan is not exactly evil in the game she is just willing to do what ever it takes to win damn the cost and Furk your mercy Kerrigan is not cruel out of spite and she isn't completely unjustifiable either for her "work must be understood as a means to an end for in fact that is the only way by which that end can be properly accomplished, the end is both good and moral (and it really was) and" that "end" is her goal. Kerrigan is willing to do brutal actions in a fight where odds are stacked against her. Wouldn't you do what ever it takes to win and achieve that end that is good and moral? Wouldn't she? (we know that end is good and moral).

Then there is the epilogue Kerrigan is given a chance to become a Xel'naga Did she deserve that fate that we saw in the epilogue and in the final cutscene? Well with me it is not the question does she deserve it Kerrigan said that she had too much blood on her hands and this was her chance to wipe some of it off that by becoming a Xel'naga some of the sorrow and destruction can be repaired and undone however little however late.

So that is one opinion. I am still on the fence with the whole thing, how about all of you? Have a good weekend and think about it.

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