Friday, December 4, 2015

Calia Who?

So something interesting is happening in Legion. People are dying new people are warchief and countless other things. Then you realize one of everyone's favourite lose ends to speculate on has been solved. That being the fate of Calia Menethil the crown princess of Lordaeron has return. In a way that has left many disappointed. So for this week's Reader Post I chose Krazyk thoughts on the matter when we were having a discussion about what it could mean for the future of Lordaeron.

I don't really care what Calia's motivations are in the lore. I'm talking about introducing the character from a storytelling perspective. A character whose only importance was literally because her last name was Menethil. She never showed propensity for being a Priest in her other appearances, and was just offered up as political piece during the Second War to marry Deathwing. 

She has nothing else to her character. Does anybody really give a shit that Calia Menethil apparently is a Priest and wants to be a random NPC follower? There is no other reason to care about her other than her name. For all the bitching that the community incessantly do over the rights of Lordaeron or  the guilt or innocence of the Blood Elves during 5.1, what's awesome is having those moments so the discussion can occur.

Having Calia return so the debate over Lordaeron can re-ignite. Especially with Sylvanas becoming the Warchief, which is still insane and hard to believe. I don't see how they make Sylvanas the leader of the Horde in the same expansion they finally introduce Calia and instead of taking advantage of the very obvious narrative of fighting over Lordaeron, decide to do the opposite and ignore it entirely because Calia wants to apparently be a nobody priest. Whoop de fucking do. Then don't even make the NPC Calia Menethil and make it somebody else.

Her reappearance should have very obviously been one to throw more fire onto the rising tensions of the HvA again. That's her only purpose as a character at this point. She has nothing else of worth to care about.

Quite the take indeed and for those curious this is what I responded about it

The only thing making her important is her last name. So this whole arc actually feels a like it fits in nice and appropriately to me. She never was an important character. Her shining moment in the spotlight was almost having to marry Deathwing. She never did anything interesting. She never wielded any power that we saw. She was never an important character, people just latched onto the idea of her coming back to try and retake Lordaeron largely because they wanted the Alliance to have some sort of legitimate claim to the kingdom. I myself even thought this way at one time, but the more I thought about it my opinion changed. She hasn't done a single thing to earn a big fanfare for her return to the lore like the likes of Turalyon orAlleria. And lastly, we all know she's ultimately not getting Lordaeron back for the living. 

There you go plenty to think about on the weekend now!

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