Tuesday, August 5, 2014

You Fail At Using Broken Game Mechanics If...

Fail Day! Yes you can sit down and stop with the stand ovation. It is my favourite day of the week too. Some might think it is hard to come up with things every week, but every time I may have that thought someone proves to me just how easy it is. This week is no difference as the Hearhtstone Forums gave me some great inspiration. So here we go.

You Fail At Using Broken Game Mechanics If...

  • You use your "ability" to not die in Beyond Two Souls to finish the game faster
  • You take bio breaks during the puzzles in Uncharted to come back and let the game tell you the answer
  • You ring out yourself while spamming force abilities with Yoda in Soul Calibur IV
  • You forgot to libra monsters while spamming auto ability in Final Fantast XIII
  • You got game over while trying to get infinite lives in Super Mario Bros
  • You forgot to plug in a second remote to just out of pits in Megaman 3
  • You use a strategy guide for every RPG you play and still cannot beat the game
  • You used an ability program controller in Street Fighter 2 and still couldn't beat M. Bison
  • You died as a Druid in WoW because your flight-form button was macro'd incorrectly
  • You don't use smoke bombs in Assassin's Creed
  • You use pistols to kill Bloaters in The Last of Us
  • You don't put high level red gems in the weapons of the characters you are leveling in Diablo III
  • You didn't kill your entire party up one character when attempting to defeat Ruby Weapon in Final Fantasy VII
  • You never use Dark Templar on Protoss Campaign levels in Starcraft

and finally

  • You tried to use Alexstrasza on Heroic Loatheb

There you have it this week's edition of fail. Hope you all had a good laugh, simple, or whatever else you may do!

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  1. That actually happens? That's amazing lol