Wednesday, October 5, 2016


Here we are on yet another Wednesday waiting for another list to see what is going to be on the list. Well what is it? Well everyone knows games have plenty of unlockable characters, but what about the ones that are just out of this world? Well that is what this list is all about.

5. The Hand - Tony Hawk Underground 2

Yes you can play as a severed hand as if you are playing with a mini board in this game, and yes it is awesome.

4. Tofu Survivor - Resident Evil 2

So something which has always bugged people. Will infected people eat tofu? Well according to Resident Evil 2 the answer is yes. You can play the game as a giant piece of tofu once unlocked.

3. Yoda - Soul Calibur IV

So this may not be completely weird, but then the concept doesn't make sense in the least. Since by definition his lightsaber should cut right through all the others swords. Not to mention every grapple in the game doesn't work kinda of makes yoda OP and weird.

2. The Clintons - NBA Jam

When you thought it couldn't get any weirder and then this happened. Where you can dunk with the best of them as the Clintons. Yes it happened and everyone is still amazed by it.

1. Everything - Tobal 2

So it is a fighting game that pretty much allows you to fight as everything you came across. And honestly I am not joking.

Well what do you think? Is there any weird ones I missed? As always let me know in one way or another.

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