Thursday, October 13, 2016

Starcrafts Mod Is Live

So here we are on a Thursday, you know the day I normally rant about something in such a way that you start to feel just as passionate about it or you just sit there with your blood starting to boil and you don't know if you should start typing angry messages or play with your voodoo doll with my face on it. Well today there won't be much of that. Today we are celebrating because if you didn't know on Tuesday Carbot Animations released the Starcrafts mod.

Yes you heard that correctly you can now play Starcraft II with the adorable Carbot style animation. I must say it plays a lot better than I ever thought it would. The gameplay is smooth and you can tell the effort that went into it. Here is the opening cinematic for it.

Now the question should be what is there now for Starcrafts? It seems now it is not just Cartoons, but it is the game itself. Well, at least, the mulitplayer version of it. So that is it then! We want a Campaign version of it all. I am sure they will get right to work on it as we speak, don't worry I will be waiting!

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